nsb herbals Winter Fairness Cream (50 g)

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nsb herbals Fairness Winter Cream is an advanced skin lightening formula. It contains Kumkumadi Tailam oil which brightens skin, improves skin tone giving you clear and spotless skin. Gives skin a youthful appearance: Helps minimize fine lines, makes skin smooth and youthful.; Suitable for all Skin Types: absorbs easily. Use daily for best results.Its unique formulation ensures five visible actions: lightening and evening of skin tone, reducing blemishes and dark spots, nourishing skin and moisturising skin without making it greasy. HOW TO USE: Apply on face and massage gently in upward strokes. Leave on to absorb into skin. Do not wash or wipe for at least 2 hours for maximum benefits. Face will not look oily if used in winter seasons.


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