nsb herbals Under Arm De Tan Cream (50 g)

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nsb herbals Underarm de tan cream is all you need to even out your underarm skin. This unique cream effectively removes the outermost layer of dead cells, reveals brighter and fresher skin, while Vitamin E heals and nourishes the new skin. Using this cream regularly will even out the dark skin of your underarms and make you feel all the more confident to disco away in glory! It is specifically designed for the underarms, it has a gentle and delicate formula suitable even for extremely sensitive skin. Formulated using grapeseed oil, wheatgerm oil & olive oil, this exfoliator helps in the quintessential skin brightening process. Exfoliation plays a huge role in cleansing the skin before the application of skin brightening products. This process removes any dead skin cells on the skin’s surface and makes the cream gets easily absorbed. Once inside the skin, the ingredients in the cream work effectively and gives you a brighter and lighter skin. The scrubber added is very mild and least likely to cause irritation.


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