nsb herbals Tea Tree Essential Oil – 100% Pure, Natural & Undiluted – for Healthy Skin, Face, Acne & Hair (15 ml)

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  • Quantity 15 ml
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This heady, spicy aroma will boost your immune system. Its antibacterial and antiseptic properties pack a punch against skin and hair infections. Undiluted Tea Tree oil is pale yellow to look at, and has a spicy camphoraceous aroma with a hint of woody smell. nsb Herbals Tea Tree oil is Extracted using the steam distillation method without the use of any chemicals. Acne Control: – Its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties work as a natural remedy for acne. HOW TO USE: For acne-prone skin, mix 2 drops of tea tree oil with 1 tsp coconut oil. Apply using a cotton ball to the affected area. Hair Care: – Fights against dandruff with its anti-fungal properties. It keeps lice away as well. HOW TO USE: Mix 2-5 drops with your preferred carrier oil (coconut, jojoba, almond oil etc.) and apply to scalp and hair. Alternatively, mix 2-3 drops every day to your shampoo. Sound Sleep: – Add few drops of carrier oil, like jojoba, coconut, sesame, rub it on your palms that will help you for a sound sleep. Usage:- Aromatherapy, customer massage & body oils, vaporizers, diffusers, oil burners, inhalation, perfume, blends, spa and home care. It is Used For Body, Skin Care, Hair Growth. Precautions:- 1. Do not use Essential Oils undiluted on your skin. Some oils can cause sensitization or allergic reactions in some individuals, always do a skin patch test before using for the first time. 2. If you are pregnant you should consult your doctor before using any essential oils. 3. When using essential oils, use the smallest amount of essential oils that will get the job done. 4. Essential oils should be kept out of reach of children. 5. Essential oils should not be taken internally. 6. Please keep essential oils out of the way of fire hazards.


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